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Discover a comprehensive and compassionate approach to inpatient psychiatric treatment. Our program at Hartgrove Behavioral Health System provides evidence-based treatments for those struggling with acute psychiatric issues. Explore our comprehensive therapy options or specialty offerings to personalize your treatment plan.

Hartgrove Hospital Inpatient Programs

Effective Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Chicago, IL

Our goal is to offer all of our patients a thorough assessment, diagnosis, and rapid stabilization of their acute psychiatric issues. Following stabilization, we aim to transition our patients into the appropriate, less-intensive aftercare, and support program.

Our hospital is divided into two separate care units, recovery and crisis stabilization, allowing us to tailor treatments to meet the specific needs of our patients and their current clinical state. The recovery units are designed to assist patients suffering from internalizing behaviors such as anxiety and depression. Our crisis stabilization units offer support for externalizing behaviors such as aggression and psychosis. By separating these units, we can minimize patient stimulation while they are receiving their psychiatric or anxiety treatment.


The physicians at Hartgrove Hospital, believe in always providing evidence-based treatments to our patients, which is primarily accomplished by following the processes of either Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Trauma-Focused CBT (TF-CBT). CBT aims to improve your mental health state by focusing on challenging and changing negative thoughts and emotions. This is accomplished by developing coping mechanisms and emotional regulation to cope with problems as they arise.

CBT can be used as an effective treatment on its own, or in combination with medication for anxiety and depression, depending on the severity of your current mental health state. To learn more about CBT or to discuss if it would be the right treatment for your mental health issues, reach out to our office.


While the main focus of our inpatient care is on clinical treatments, we also provide a number of holistic offerings to round out the stabilization process. These specialty programs also help to reinforce the ideas and coping mechanisms that you learn with your clinical psychosis or depression treatment. These programs can also assist you with learning a new skill which you can continue to develop once you move on to our aftercare programs. Some of the specialty treatments, we provide include:

  • Pet Therapy
  • Horticultural Therapy
  • Education Services
  • Music/Dance Therapy
  • Art Therapy


Maintaining your child or teen’s education while they are seeking treatment is essential to their recovery process. For all patients who are enrolled in school, we have fully integrated Hartgrove Academy’s educational programs into our treatment plan.

Contact us to learn more about our inpatient care programs. We proudly serve our patients in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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