Hartgrove Hospital Meh Jabeen Hussain

Meh Jabeen Hussain MD

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist, Clinical Director of the Pediatric Unit

Hartgrove Behavioral Health System has been a landmark and a place for hope and healing for almost 50 years, serving those who struggle with mental health issues. During that time, we have witnessed many changes and advancements firsthand in the science-based medical field of psychiatry.

Born and raised in Ohio, Dr. Hussain always knew she would be a physician. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of her patients, and she finds that specializing in child psychiatry has been a rewarding experience. Her belief that education, family environment and developing a strong therapeutic alliance is important makes for a meaningful and effective treatment experience for child and adolescent patients. Her primary goal is always to assist patients and their families in getting the treatment they need to help eradicate the sense of helplessness they may feel about themselves or their loved ones.

Dr. Hussain is proud to be part of a solid alliance with her Hartgrove team, working with them every day to help make a difference in patients’ lives. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, as well as gardening and watching a great movie.

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